Wave Simulation

Evolution Sim screenshot


This is a simple Evolution Simulation. Each little creature simulates a small neural network with inputs being the objects right in front of it. Each generation is based off of the 'dna' of the previous one which is based off of neural network weight values. The goal of the simulation is for the creatures to collectively evolve their 'brains' to try and optimize eating the green 'food.'

This project was made for an Honors Biology class in high school to demonstrate how computer simulations can demonstrate the complexities of a topic such as evolution and natural selection.

About the Project

This project was made using UPBGE, a fork of the original Blender Game Engine. This project was designed to demonstrate various items including...
  • Using Blender Game Engine
  • Python
  • Simulating simple neural networks
  • Simulating natural selection through assigned fitness values


WASD - Move
Q/E - Move Up/Downs

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