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The Speed Limit detector is a device that is meant to be placed on the dashboard of a car. It has a camera in the front which uses image recognition, powered by a Raspberry Pi, to recognize speed limit signs. The value of the speed limit sign is then displayed on 2 seven-segment displays. This is to inform the driver of the current speed limit if they missed seeing the sign for themselves.

This device was created as a project for an Introductory Computing class during my freshman year of college at Baldwin Wallace University. It was used to demonstrate the capabilities of computing by uniting software and hardware to create a working system. This project was a partnership effort between Clay Ledbetter and me.

About the Project

This project was designed to demonstrate various items including...
  • 3D Modelling a Case
  • 3D Printing a Design
  • Using a Raspberry Pi and accompanying Camera
  • Image recognition
  • Multi-threading
  • Wiring Digital Electronics
  • Programming Using Python and OpenCV
  • Interfacing a Raspberry Pi with 7-Segment Displays
  • Working with a Partner to Complete the Project

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